Douglas W.T. Smith is an Australian author that joined the OMAM team in 2019, beginning work on his upcoming debut novel, To Wield the Stars, for which he also penned a worldbuilding poem, “Journey Across Seas.” Between writing and reading fantasy stories, Smith embarks on his own adventures in nature with his wife and son. When indoors, Smith shares his writing journey on his blog and scribes insightful writing advice as the official Content Developer for Of Metal and Magic Publishing.

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Favorite Things 

Books: Tad Williams, George R.R. Martin, David Eddings, Raymond E. Fiest.

Outdoor Activities: Bodyboarding, Surfing, Running, Camping, Walking the Dog

Indoor Activities: Reading, Cooking, Sudoku, Animelab

Published Works

To Wield the Stars — CORE Novel (coming soon)
Journey Across Shores — CORE Poem (coming soon)
Shadow of the Wicked — Subsidiary Novella (coming soon)