On Writing: The Sound of Silence

Utilizing sensory details is a critical part of good writing. Tapping into the five senses allows a reader to go beyond just visualizing the scene to the point of feeling it for themselves. But of the five, sound is probably one of the hardest to convey. You can get by sometimes with onomatopoeia. Providing details of … Continue reading On Writing: The Sound of Silence

News: From the Editor’s Desk, May 2021

We’ve been distracted by a lot of good publishing work here, but I’d like to take a quick moment to share some of these updates with you. 

News: Ask Us Anything

We are continuing with our launch events for Richie Billing’s debut novel, Pariah’s Lament. In just over 24 hours, we will be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” or AMA session over on Reddit. Richie will be running the show, but a few others from OMAM will be along for the ride. Come on by and … Continue reading News: Ask Us Anything


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