Blast Into the New Year

The year is coming to a close, and I’ll admit, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted. It was a relatively slow year for OMAM as compare to those previous. Part of this was due to several major projects that are nearing completion but just didn’t make it across the finish line this year.…

Cyber Monday Ebook Sale!

We are busy getting our next book ready for your bookshelf. We have an awesome cover to share with you soon, along with some exclusive previews. But today we are getting into the festive season with a sale on some of our volumes in time for Cyber Monday, and even one up for free. These…

Genre vs. Tropes

There’s a silly meme trending on Twitter, but it all does beg the question, what exactly is genre and why is it important?

The Philosophy of Worldbuilding

I used to start with plots. Plots, I thought, were cool and fun and full of action or comedy. I have since abandoned this approach. My current modus operandi is to pick a piece of philosophy that I find intriguing…

Cleaning the Windows

Tolkien said that fantasy functions as a means for us to take notice of things we might have otherwise overlooked. He used the metaphor of cleaning our worldly windows, in order to recover our clear vision.


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